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Annual Commission on Higher Education Service Learning Competition

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The Commission views service learning as a highly valuable endeavor with positive outcomes for our students, faculty, and communities, and recognizing projects that best represent the integration of student learning with community service is an effective way to communicate the value of service learning to the general public.  In order to accomplish this task, the Commission is again holding a single competition with three awards: one for the public four-year colleges and universities, one for the public two-year colleges, and one for the independent colleges and universities.  Our goal is to select the most commendable service learning project in each sector.

For the purposes of the competition, we define service learning as follows:

Service learning is college student learning at any level and in any situation that is linked in a direct, hands-on fashion to the resolution of a problem or concern in a target community outside the institution.


The service learning activity must reinforce or apply what is learned in the classroom. As such, all projects must be related to a college course, with some type of reflection on the activity performed or feedback discussion. Service learning projects may be linked to academic credit and may also be collaborative ventures between colleges and universities.

The review panel will assess projects based on four criteria:

  1. The ability to resolve community concerns or address community
  2. The degree to which the project enhances student
  3. The degree to which the project meets the parameters of the Commission’s definition of Service
  4. The project’s impact on campus (e.g., the number of students involved).

For purposes of our competition, we request that you nominate one service learning project from your institution for a Commission panel to review.  Note that winning programs from past competitions are not eligible for nomination.

The Commission will convene a panel in March to review the nominations and to select the three winning service learning projects. The Commission intends to award special “Commendations of Excellence in Service Learning” to the winning institutions at the May 2015 Commission meeting.

Please complete the nomination form below or download the Adobe form Commission on Higher Education Service Learning Project 2014-2015Send the completed form and any supplemental materials electronically to Vanessa Scott and copy by Wednesday, January 21, 2015.




Title of Project

Project Director

Contact Information for Project Director

Establishment Date of Project

Unit That Administers Project

Total Number of Students Involved


(Insert your answer after each question.)

  1. For purposes of this competition, the Commission on Higher Education defines service learning as college student learning at any level and in any situation that is linked in a direct, hands-on fashion to the resolution of a problem or concern in a target community outside the institution and is related to a college course with some type of reflection How does your project meet the parameters of this definition?        


  1. Specifically, which segments of the college/university community does your project involve?           


  1. How many students (specify degree levels to the extent possible) does the project affect?      


  1. Describe the target community or communities your project serves.       


  1. Describe your project’s effectiveness in helping to solve the problems or concerns in the target community.        


  1. Describe the degree to which your project enhances student learning while providing specific examples of the service learning activities the college students engage Also explain how the service learning activities reinforce or apply what the students learn in the classroom.       


  1. Is there academic credit associated with the project (not necessary for submission)? If so, please explain the particulars.           


  1. If funding is required, how is the project funded and what is the approximate annual budget for the project?        


  1. Add any other comments you may have about your project.